Yonex Power Cushion Aerus 3 Junior

Yonex Power Cushion Aerus 3 badmintono batai.
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Yonex Power Aerus 3 Badminton Shoes

A key feature of all YONEX footwear, the YONEX POWER CUSHION absorbs shock then reverses the impact energy for smooth transfer into the next movement.

Power Cushion +

Compared to conventional cushioning material, new POWER CUSHION + material delivers 62% more repulsion and 28% more shock absorption.

High shock absorption is achieved by adding special elastic resin while maintaining conventional lightweight properties. Grooves are designed in a lattice pattern, with optimum spacing and depth to achieve further resilience.

Toe Assist Shape

Power loss is reduced, which results in swift footwork. It offers improved support at the mid-foot and heel for a stable fit, while toe-centric design cuts down on pressure in the big toe.

Syncro-Fit Insole

While reducing energy wastage through an improved fit, Yonex Synchro-Fit Insole construction creates a secure contact between foot and shoe.

Fig 1. Mid to heel section on the insole is elevated to provide an improved fit between foot and shoe. The picture displays a comparison to conventional badminton shoes.

Fig 2. The gap between foot and shoe is reduced. It improves comfort and performance, ensures that the foot has maximum grip inside the shoe. All this achieved by holding the heel firmly against the insole.

syncro fit insole

syncro fit insole 2

Power Graphite Lite

To reduce weight and increase stability within the shoe, a super-light graphite plate is inserted under the middle portion of the foot.

Round Sole

The Round Sole ensures the transfer of maximum energy and smooth movements. It is designed to provide all-around support for smooth and quick footwork.

round sole

3D Power Carbon

15% more strength against twisting is provided by 3D stability channel molded graphite sheet.

3d power carbon

Durable Skin Light

Polyurethane-based Durable Skin Light lets you play light on your feet while maintaining a robust fit. This is achieved by combining rubber-like flexibility with the stiffness of hard plastic.

durable skin light

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