Yonex Voltric 10 DG

Lankstumas: Standi
Rėmas: H.M. Graphite/ULTRA HMG/Tungsten
Velenas: H.M. Graphite
Svoris / Rankenos Dydis: 3U (Ave.88g) G4,5
Rekomenduojamas stygų įtempis: 3U 24-35lbs
Spalva: Aukso


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Yonex Voltric 10 DG Badminton Racket

Ultra-lightweight racket with a solid feel and excellent power, the Black Micro Core technology is rigid with high-density vibration damping on the top side of the Voltric frame, allowing players to gain maximum power.


Tungsten infused grommets maximizes contact time in between shuttlecock and the string. This combined together with TRI-VOLTAGE SYSTEM ensures that frame flexes in controlled way and holds the shuttle in the string bed for longer time to achieve maximum power transfer to the shuttle.



Usually, extra weight on the top of the racket frame increases hitting power but causes loss of speed.

For the first time, Yonex with TRI-VOLTAGE SYSTEM successfully combines contradictory characteristics of extraordinary power and great handling. It develops a racket, which achieves combination of rapid racket handling and strong smashes.

Voltric is Power: Stiff racket structure at the top of the frame allows the head to bend in a very controlled way and to hold shuttlecocks on the string bed for longer. More energy is transferred to the shuttle because of the thin frame sides. Combination of that allows you to smash with flash power.

Voltric is Agility: In Voltric, to allow good handling while also maintaining good power, weight is balanced on the top of the frame and at the T-Joint area. Air resistance is reduced, and handling power is improved by the thin sides at the top of the head. Full swing can be performed during even short range rallies, as VOLTRIC responds instantly to even the most complex movements.


Compact Frame

In order to balance heave racket head, the frame size has been reduced to maintain the fast swing, which is demanded by advanced players.

When reducing the drag caused by air resistance, the heavy head feeling decreases too, and racket handling speed increases.

Compact Frame


Square shaped ISOMETRIC frame shape is designed to keep vertical strings at similar length, as well as horizontal ones. This allows the racket to produce an expanded sweet spot in all directions.

New Grommet Pattern

The single-pass grommet hole construction allows to implement more grommet holes for a more high-performance stringing pattern.

yonex new grommet pattern

Compact Frame

First racket released by Yonex which has a compact frame. Smaller frame size reduces unwanted air resistance and improves the feel.

compact frame

Aero+Box Frame

Combines solid hitting feel and fast swing.

aero box frame

Control Support Cap

Control support cap provides 88% wider flat surface compared to ordinary racket. It enhances the easier gripping, sharp maneuverability and fast follow-through.

control support cap

Built-in T-Joint

Yonex Built-in T-Joint creates a durable, high-strength, one-piece torque-free frame. T-Joint is molded deep into the layers of graphite where the frame connects with the shaft.



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